Gas Hob Installation Johannesburg

Action Gas offers professional and affordable gas hob installation and maintenance services in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. Based in the West Rand we have quick access to all areas throughout Johannesburg for all your gas appliance needs.

With years of experience and priding ourselves in doing gas hob installations right the first time, we can confidently say that we are one of the best gas installers in the industry saving you money and time! Getting a gas hob installed in your home is cost effective and is more affordable than electricity. Don’t let load shedding or another power outage spoil your day with your electric oven or hob – gas hobs are more reliable and not dependent on Eskom!

Gas hobs are environmentally friendly as they are highly efficient from energy. Think about the future and our beautiful planet and convert to gas appliances today!

What is the difference between a gas stove and gas hob?

A gas stove is a free-standing unit with gas burners (usually four) and a gas oven. A gas hob could either be just the gas burners on top of a fitted stove unit or a fitted gas burner unit which normally contains four or six gas burners. A gas hob is installed on a surface such as a counter or granite table top and is not mobile. A gas stove is not fitted or fixed and can easily be replaced.

The gas hob refers to only the burners on top of a stove where a gas stove refers to either the burners on top or the oven or both.