How to Make Your Gas Stove Look Like New

It’s no secret that gas stoves and hobs are preferred over conventional electric appliances by chefs and foodies alike. But, let’s face it, cleaning up after cooking is never fun. It is, however, extremely important to ensure your stove top is clean since grease poses a safety hazard. Also, if you want to keep enjoying your gas stove and oven, and keep it in good condition, we recommend a good clean on a regular basis. Whether you’re considering investing in a gas stove or already have one, these maintenance tips will help you make the most of your gas appliance.

How to Clean a Gas Stovetop

As we’ve mentioned before, grime and leftover cooking debris aren’t only unsightly and unhygienic, they also pose a fire hazard. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves, put in a little elbow grease and we promise, your gas stove will look as good as the day it was installed. Also, don’t forget to clean the back panels and knobs. Make sure to clean stove drip pans by soaking or boiling them.

There are three ingredients typically used to clean stovetops – vinegar, baking soda and ammonia.


If you want to limit the use of chemicals, vinegar will easily get rid of light grease stains and is perfect for day to day maintenance.

Baking Soda:

For more stubborn grease stains, use baking soda on your stove top. It’s an affordable and eco-friendly solution, just like vinegar.


If you can’t get rid of grease stains using the ingredients mentioned above, you might want to bring in the big guns – ammonia. Ammonia is extremely effective in getting rid of baked-in grease and grime on burner grates.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your gas stove top stays beautiful and in working condition for many years. For more information on gas stove maintenance or if you need assistance with gas installations in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, get in touch with Action Gas today!