Here’s How You Can Avoid Unhealthy Takeaway Dinners During Load Shedding

Load shedding – the one term all South Africans hate to hear. These lovely little power cuts seem to happen at the most inappropriate times and more often than not, it means you have to settle for unhealthy takeaways for dinner. Families with babies have an extra difficult time preparing bottles for hungry babies and tired parents have to go without that much-needed cup of coffee. But, there is a way to beat the load shedding blues – switch to gas.

When you switch to a gas stove, you’ll not only be able to cook healthy food even if the power is down, you’ll also be able to save money on your monthly electricity bill. Gas is much more affordable and reliable than the service offered by our only electricity provider.

What’s even better is that gas is much kinder to the environment than the coal used to generate traditional electricity. If you care about the environment as we do, this will seal the deal for you. It is our duty to reduce our carbon footprint to preserve our beautiful planet.

Gas stoves are classy too! Most professional cooks use gas since heat is more easily regulated. So if you’re a foodie, there’s no doubt that you and your gas stove will become instant BFF’s.

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