Cook like a Professional by Switching from Electric to Gas

It’s no secret, top chefs around the world prefer to cook on gas stove tops. And while you might not be a professional chef it doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one.

If you are a foodie and you want to improve your cooking skills, switching to gas will up your cooking game drastically. There are so many benefits that gas stoves have over electric ones. Not only do they heat up quicker and operate better with various cookware, but they are much easier to clean and keep in good condition. Here are some reasons why chefs would choose gas over electric any day:

Faster Response Rate

The most notable advantage gas stove tops have over electric is their response speed. The moment they are ignited, they become warm, unlike electrical burners that need time to warm up. They also tend to cool down quicker which means you can go from boil to simmer in seconds. When cooking delicate dishes, this type of control is crucial.

Various Cookware Use

Over time, pots and pans tend to become warped. When cooking on electric, the heat won’t spread evenly causing food not to cook evenly. On a gas stove top, this isn’t a problem. Gas stove tops are ideal for any types of cookware.

Easy to Clean

No doubt, you’re familiar with cleaning (or scrubbing) off burnt food from your electric stovetop while trying your best not to scratch the surface. Gas stovetops are much easier to clean. All you have to do is remove the steel grate, wipe away stray food and remove food spills with a multipurpose cleaning spray.

Economical Maintenance and Repairs

Gas stoves are more straightforward when it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting. Especially if you use Action Gas Installers Johannesburg. We take great pride in offering affordable and reliable gas installations and maintenance to all of our clients.

If you desire the ease professional chefs enjoy when cooking with gas, consider making the switch. Get in touch with the team at Action Gas for a free quote.