Effects of Load Shedding on Your Electrical Appliances

Load shedding is back in full force and South Africans aren’t happy about it, for good reason. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also isn’t great for your household appliances. The bottom line is that power cuts are costing us money.

Load Shedding and Its Impact on Appliances

Cutting the power doesn’t cause damage, but the problem comes when the power is put back on, which leads to a power surge.

Whenever there’s a sudden change in voltage, it could negatively impact your household appliances. Copper tracks will overheat and melt if electrical currents are too high, preventing electrical energy from accessing the appliance.

Gas Is a Gamechanger When It Comes to Load Shedding

So what is a person to do, since it’s evident that load shedding will keep coming back as long as Eskom stays in charge of our energy source?

The best option is to find alternative solutions for day to day functions. Cooking, for example, can easily be achieved with a gas stove and hob while heating is effortless during winter with a gas fireplace. One thing we can’t do without is hot water but luckily there’s a gas alternative available for that too. Action Gas Installers in Johannesburg are reliable and offer gas appliance installations at affordable rates.

How to Preserve Other Electrical Devices

More often than not, there’s a load shedding schedule that will give you an idea when the next power cut in your area will be. Here are some things you can do to protect your other electrical devices:

Unplug your computer completely by removing power cables from the sockets. The same goes for telephone cables from your wifi modem.

To minimise damage to appliances, consider installing a surge protection device.

Have a backup battery for your electric fence, gate or garage to ensure continual function during power cuts.

Don’t let load shedding get you down! Take back control over your home by switching to gas. For more information or to book a free consultation with Action Gas, get in touch with the team today!