Here’s How You Can Beat Load Shedding by Switching to Gas

South Africans have been dealing with load shedding since 2007. These power cuts happen in times when the integrity of the grid is threatened by short supply. So in order to conserve power and reduce the load on the grid regular power cuts have become a big part of our lives.

We won’t go into why there’s such immense pressure on the grid but the fact of the matter is that it’s time for South Africans to find an alternative source of energy.

Long Term Solutions to Load Shedding

Currently, there are just two solutions to overcoming these inconvenient power cuts: Gas and Solar. Solar requires a large investment upfront making it extremely difficult for middle class and lower class citizens to attain. Which leaves us with gas!

Gas is a popular choice for many people due to its ease of use, reliability and affordability. Many world-class chefs only use gas to cook with since it allows for precise accuracy when it comes to heat settings. But gas isn’t limited to stovetops and ovens. There are many gas appliances available like water heaters and fireplaces. You can run your entire home on gas and never be dependent on traditional electricity ever again!

Gas is also much safer for the environment than coal powered electricity. Gas decreases air and water pollution and shields the earth from greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

Beat Load Shedding by Switching to Gas Today

The benefits of gas are neverending! It’s eco-friendly, affordable, reliable and readily available for all South Africans. And you don’t have to make an insanely large investment, to begin with.

The team at ActionGas has been helping South Africans switch to gas for many years. We offer the installation and maintenance of gas appliances as well as a Certificate of Compliance. Servicing the whole of Gauteng, we take great pride in doing installations right the first time – saving you time and money! Beat load shedding and switch to gas!

For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the friendly team at Action Gas today!