4 Reasons Why Switching to Gas Makes Total Sense

South Africa has had its fair share of electricity issues in the last few years and who knows if it’s going to get better any time soon? But, you don’t have to wait and see, you have the power in your own hands (literally). Switching to gas will enable you to run your household the way you want without being reliant on unpredictable sources.

There are many good reasons to switch from electricity to gas but here are our top 4:

#1 Better for the Environment

If you aren’t trying to decrease your environmental footprint yet, you should and quickly too! Conventional electricity relies on coal burning, which releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. We don’t need to tell you that that’s a bad thing because you probably already know. If you want to do your part for preserving the environment, switching to gas is an easy fix.

#2 More Affordable than Conventional Electricity

Not only is gas much better for the environment, but it’s also cheaper! And who doesn’t want to save money while conserving our beautiful planet? While switching to gas might require an investment on your part in the beginning, the savings are so extravagant in the long run that you’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long!

#3 Reliable Source of Energy

As we’ve mentioned before, our electricity service providers are not extremely reliable. Winter is coming and who knows what will happen. With a gas geyser, you’ll never have to take a cold shower. A gas stove will mean healthy meals for your family on time. A gas fireplace will keep your home cosy and warm even if the lights are out.

#4 You’ll Be the Envy of All Your Friends

Gas appliances hold a certain elegant and luxurious image. Famous chefs and foodies all use gas stovetops since it allows for precision when it comes to cooking outlandish dishes. Plus, while all your friends will feel the wrath of load shedding, you’ll go on with life as normal.

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