Heating Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive. (Here’s How)

It’s winter in South Africa, in other words, get ready to freeze your hands off. Magazines make it look cosy with a fire burning in the background but the reality is much different. Nobody tells you about the smoke inside your home or the tons of firewood you have to buy to keep that fire going.

If you pass on the fire and opt for an electric heater, don’t be surprised if your electricity bill triples. You know the drill, the more electricity you use, the more you pay – makes perfect sense…

But heating your home doesn’t have to set you back for life, seriously! There’s a way to beat the cold this winter without going into debt or depleting your savings. It’s easy. Invest in a gas fireplace.

Install an Energy Efficient Gas Fireplace to Beat the Cold This Winter

What’s so great about gas fireplaces? Aside from the fact that you won’t have to keep buying wood to fuel your fire, you’ll also avoid the smoke inhalation that accompanies a traditional fireplace. But those are just two benefits and there are many more where those come from.

Instant heat at the push of a button is what you can expect from a gas fireplace. It’s easy and safe to use and you don’t have to worry about sparks flying and setting yourself on fire. Gas fireplaces are better for the environment since they don’t emit any fumes or particles into your home.

Gas fireplaces offer a more luxurious look and feel and will make you the envy of your friends and family. And while it seems luxurious, it actually cost less to install than a conventional fireplace since you don’t require a chimney.

At ActionGas, all our gas appliances are SABS approved and we adhere to regulations by authorities. Enjoy winter more by getting in touch with Action Gas Installers Johannesburg for your gas appliance installation today!