Are Gas Heaters Better Than Electric Heaters?

Choosing a heater for your home can be challenging. Do you choose a traditional electric heater or opt for a gas heater? Deciding which fuel source to use will affect efficiency, convenience and safety, so you’ll want to carefully consider this decision.

To help you make an informed choice, it’s vital to understand the primary differences in how electric and gas heating systems are installed and how they function.

Gas Heaters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Functioning by burning fossil fuels, gas heaters can either be propane or natural gas. The gas burns steadily once ignited and provide instant heat in the area where it’s installed. Gas heaters are typically hooked up to a fuel source.

Electric Heaters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Portable electric heaters work by using traditional electricity to warm up the heating element and come in all shapes and sizes. The downside is that electricity isn’t as environmentally friendly as gas and if you care about reducing your carbon footprint, an electric heater is not the way to go.

Electric vs. Gas Heaters: Which One Is Best for Your Home?

When choosing a heater for your home, it will depend on where you plan to use it and what you need from it. You can use the checklist below to help you make a decision.

Choose an Electric Heater If:

  • You want to take your heater with when you move
  • You want the flexibility to move your heater from room to room
  • You have a tight budget
  • Electricity is included in your monthly rent payment
  • You’re not allowed to make structural changes in your home
  • You’re worried you’ll risk the safety of your kids or pets

Choose a Gas Heater If:

  • You want to reduce your monthly electricity bills
  • You care about reducing your carbon footprint
  • You have easy access to propane or gas
  • The heater will be used outside
  • You are allowed to install permanent ventilation
  • Your gas heater will be installed where it can’t be reached by kids or pets

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. But by looking at the info mentioned above, gas heaters offer many benefits electric heaters don’t. For more information or a free quote from gas heater installers in Johannesburg, get in touch with ActionGas today!