How Can I Help Lighten The Load For Eskom

In South Africa, we are entirely dependent on Eskom for all our electricity needs. As our only service provider, they should prioritise maintenance but as it turns out, they don’t, leaving the people to pick up the pieces.

Blackouts are a common occurrence and unfortunately, aren’t going anywhere soon. People are quick to play the blame game but what if instead of throwing around accusations, we become part of the solution?

How exactly are we supposed to do that, you might ask? By lightening the load on Eskom, we can reduce the likelihood of future load shedding. It’s obvious that there isn’t ‘enough to go around’ when it comes to electricity, or maybe there is but it’s redirected somewhere else. But, if we reduce our dependence on Eskom, load shedding wouldn’t impact our lives in such a big way.

Switching to Gas Will Reduce Your Dependence on Eskom as Well as Your Monthly Energy Bill

Gas is cheaper than electricity and a much more reliable resource. You can use gas to cook your food, warm up your water and to heat your home. Gas is also much better for the environment than the ancient coal process used to produce our electricity.

In case you don’t know, here’s how most of South Africa’s electricity is generated: We burn coal to heat water which then converts it into steam. Directed onto turbine blades, the steam makes them rotate which in turn rotates a magnetic rotor inside the coil. And finally, electricity is generated.

Hire Professional Gas Installers Johannesburg to Switch from Electricity to Gas

If you want to become part of the solution and help lighten Eskom’s load, you can replace your electric appliances with gas appliances. ActionGas are industry leaders in South Africa and we offer affordable gas appliance installation as well as gas installations to a long list of satisfied customers. Give us a call for a free quote today!