Gas Vs Solar: Which Geyser Is Right For You?

Are you looking for an alternative for heating your home’s water? Then you’ll know that there are two options to choose from – gas and solar. Both are much better options than the conventional electric geyser so whichever option you choose, you’ll be happy you switched. But, before you do, make sure you read the info below so you can make an informed decision.

Solar Geyser


  • Extremely good for the environment
  • Affordable Installation with a good return on investment in electrical savings
  • Available throughout South Africa


  • Lower efficiency than gas geysers. Don’t generate solar power when it’s dark or rainy and overcast
  • Routine maintenance is needed to keep it in working condition

Gas Geyser


  • Gas is available in most areas in South Africa
  • Gas appliances will quickly show a return on investment in electrical savings
  • More affordable to install than solar
  • Cost and energy-efficient since they only use gas when using hot water
  • Suitable for large families
  • Repairs are fast and easy


  • Better for the environment than conventional electricity but not as good as solar
  • Installation can be complicated
  • Gas geysers could be unsafe if installed by an amateur

As you can see, both of these options are great! Which one you choose will depend on the needs and requirements of your family.

Let the Pros Handle Your Gas Installation

If you decide to go for a gas geyser, make sure you choose credible gas installers for the job. Never make a decision based on price. Instead, consider the company’s experience and ask for a reference list (if you can’t find it on their website).

The team at ActionGas offers a variety of gas installation and maintenance services. We take great pride in offering high-quality and affordable services to the Johannesburg market. For more information or to book a consultation, get in touch with the team today!