Top Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Gas Stove Look Like New

A gas stove is an excellent investment, especially for South Africans who are constantly facing inconvenient power outages and ridiculously high electricity prices. Not only is gas more convenient, but it is also easily accessible.

As a gas appliance owner, you’ll know that it is vital to maintain your appliance. Not only for it to look great and last longer, but also for safety purposes. Below are some of our best maintenance tips to help keep your gas appliance in excellent shape.

How Often Should I Clean My Gas Stove?

You might already know the basics of keeping your gas stove clean but if you don’t, the short version is to clean daily, scrub weekly and deep clean monthly.

Everyday cleaning should be done by wiping your stove down using a cloth and mild cleaning solution. You don’t have to wait until your appliance is cold, in fact, warm (not hot) is ideal for cleaning. Try to wipe drips or spills up immediately, when it’s safe to do so. Thorough everyday cleaning will decrease the amount of scrubbing needed every week.

When it’s scrubbing time, scrub the surface below and the grate to reduce grease buildup. Take your stove apart once a month (or at least every quarter) and scrub/soak every piece.

What Should I Clean My Gas Stove With?

Strong, toxic chemicals are not recommended as they can potentially damage your stove and gas elements while adding toxicity to your home.

The best approach is to use hot water, dish soap and vinegar when cleaning your stove. These components can dissolve nearly any grease buildup on your appliance.

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

NEVER pour water onto your gas stovetop. It can get into the gas lines and burners which can potentially cause electrical issues.

Do NOT use a toothpick anything similar to clean your burner channels. If you break off the wood, you’ll be faced with a host of other problems.

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