Gas Appliance Maintenance: 4 Reasons Why It’s Necessary and How Often You Should Do It

Too many people are sceptical of gas stoves but the truth is, once you cook on gas, you won’t want to look back. It’s fast, affordable and convenient. And you have more control over the cooking process. As with any other appliance, regular maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of it. This is what you need to know about the maintenance of your gas appliances.

Why Regular Maintenance is Necessary

  • To run more efficiently. Regularly maintenance will ensure that your appliance work at optimal capacity. It will use less gas and save you money.
  • For safety purposes. It can be dangerous to use faulty gas appliances. A leak can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • To reduce the risk of breaking. Repair costs can be expensive and often repairs aren’t possible in which case you will have to replace your appliance.
  • To maintain insurance and warranties. Many insurance companies won’t payout if you’re not able to prove that regular maintenance was performed on your gas appliances.

How Often You Should Do It

How often your appliances need to be serviced will depend on the appliance. But to steer clear of any issues, maintenance should be done annually or at least every two years.

Look Out for These Warning Signs

You know it’s time to get a professional in for maintenance if you’re experiencing one of the following:

  • The flame colour is yellow or red (unless it’s designed to be that way).
  • Soot buildup, which may lead to blockages.
  • An unpleasant smell indicating a leak. LPG and natural gas are odourless. If you detect a smell, call professional gas installers Johannesburg right away. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal!

For more information or to schedule maintenance for your gas appliances, get in touch with the team at ActionGas today.