3 Excellent Reasons to Switch to Gas in 2022

With the electricity prices skyrocketing and load shedding more prominent in our everyday lives, people are considering other options. There are only two alternatives when it comes to avoiding these problematic power cuts — Solar and Gas. Solar requires an extensive upfront investment making it extremely challenging for the middle class and lower class individuals to acquire. The only other option is gas!

Gas is a prevalent choice for many people because it is easy to use, affordable and reliable. Some of the gas appliance options include gas geysers, stoves and ovens. While there are some downsides like the challenging installation and upfront cost, especially if you don’t have a gas line installed yet, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. And the investment is much more affordable than solar.

Benefits of Gas Appliances

Below are the top advantages of installing gas appliances in your home.

More Reliable

Eskom can be unpredictable with its energy supply. You can become less dependent on them when switching to gas.


As we’ve mentioned before, electricity has become very expensive. Switching to gas will lower your monthly energy bill, and it is readily available.


It’s no secret that conventional coal-fired electricity is bad for the environment. But, gas offers an eco-friendly alternative that is a highly efficient form of energy.

It will be highly beneficial for you to switch to gas. But, make sure you stay on the safe side and use a professional gas installer for your installation.

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