Why You Should Do Regular Maintenance on Your Gas Appliances

There is a fear of using gas appliances among many people. When it comes to gas, you’ll never look back. It’s convenient, fast, and affordable. Maintaining it regularly, however, will help you get the most out of it. Below is some information on gas appliance maintenance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

  • Your family’s safety is paramount. Failures in gas appliances can result in serious injury. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur if your gas appliance leaks.
  • Make your gas appliance more efficient. Your gas appliances will work at their best capacity if you regularly service them, thus using less gas and saving you money.
  • To reduce the likelihood of repair costs. You will pay more to fix or replace a broken gas appliance if you use it until it breaks than if you had it serviced.
  • To maintain warranties and insurance. Many insurance companies won’t payout if you do not maintain your gas appliances.

How Often Should You Perform Maintenance

Maintenance is usually done annually or at least every two years, depending on your appliance.

Watch out for These Warning Signs

A professional should be contacted if you experience any of the following issues:

  • If your flame colour is yellow or red unless it’s designed to be like that.
  • The buildup of soot (brown or yellow grime) leads to blockages.
  • When you detect an unpleasant odour, you’ve got a leak since natural gas and LPG are normally odourless. Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, so if you suspect a leak, contact a professional gas installer.

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