Top Reasons to Choose Gas Instead of Wood for Your Fireplace This Winter

Gas Fireplace Johannesburg

As winter approaches, we can finally curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book, with a fire in the background.

Although wood fireplaces are great for outdoor purposes, they can negatively affect the air quality inside a home, not to mention the amount of cleaning required. Gas fireplaces are a better alternative. Here are our top reasons to choose gas this winter:

It Looks Great

Various designs and finishes are available for gas fireplaces. As well as being more efficient, it is also more aesthetically pleasing than a wood fireplace.

You Can Use It Faster

You don’t only save time getting a fire started, but it also heats your house more quickly. You simply push an on/off button, and you’re done. This will come in handy on a cold morning or after a long day of work.

There Is No Need for Cleanup

When you’re done burning wood, you have to take care of the ashes that are left behind. Cleaning a gas fireplace is as simple as dusting every now and then.

Storing and Preparing Wood Is Not Necessary

Storing firewood presents its own challenges. Since spiders and termites love to use it as a breeding ground, you need to keep it dry and far from your home. The process of preparing wood is labour-intensive. No matter if you do not have to cut the wood yourself, fetching wood outside in the rain is not fun at all.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

There are no indoor emissions from a gas fireplace. Vents exhaust the combustion gas outside. Unlike traditional fireplaces, which produce smoke.

Choose reputable gas installers in Johannesburg if you are considering buying a gas fireplace. Contact ActionGas today for a free quote.