How to Overcome Your Load Shedding Challenges in 2023

It is very frustrating not being able to cook dinner or take a hot shower when there is no power. Load shedding is more extreme than ever, and it is unlikely to improve in 2023. When the power is out, we are powerless. Despite our inability to change the current state of affairs, we have an alternative energy option – gas. Here is a list of how switching to gas in 2023 can change your life.

It Is Easy to Obtain Gas

In contrast to electricity provided by Eskom, gas is always available. On rare occasions, there will be short-supply moments. But these issues will usually be resolved the next day. It is recommended to keep a spare gas bottle at home in case you ever run out of gas at an inconvenient time.

Electricity Is More Expensive Than Gas

The cost of electricity is absurdly high, and it continues to rise. Some users have to pay more than R3 per unit of electricity. This makes no sense whatsoever.

You can cook with gas for approximately three months at the cost of about R310 per kilogram (9kg), R460 per kilogram for 14kg, R610 per kilogram for 19kg, and R1490 per kilogram for 48kg.

With food taken care of, you will be surprised at how much money you can save on your electric bill by installing a gas geyser. You will see savings of 40% to 50%, and you will always be able to supply hot water.

The majority of South Africans keep their geysers off during the day and only switch them on during load shedding. Imagine the consequences when that hour falls during load shedding.

Gas appliances are convenient to have. However, they are also an essential component of every household that is sick and tired of load shedding in South Africa. For more information about getting gas installed, speak to the best gas installers in South Africa. Get in touch with ActionGas today.