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6 Reasons Why A Gas Fireplace Is Better Than A Wood Fireplace

When choosing a fireplace for your home, you’ll be faced with two options: gas or wood. Right off the bat, there are two distinct differences – gas is cleaner and more convenient than wood.

While both are extremely attractive and appealing, gas may be more beneficial and should be considered as the first choice. Here’s why:

  1. Consistent Heating

With a wood fireplace, logs burn out and have to be replaced to keep the heat consistent. With a gas fireplace, you’ll enjoy steady heat as long as you have gas.

  1. Less Cleaning

After using a wood fireplace, you need to clean out the soot. Additionally, if you don’t clean it thoroughly, it leaves behind creosote (dangerous by-product). Gas fireplaces barely need any cleaning in between uses and leave no contaminants behind.

  1. Safer for Families

Wood fireplaces tend to spark where gas fireplaces don’t. Many gas fireplaces come complete with remote controls and can be turned off in seconds in case of an emergency.

  1. Heat Flexibility

A wood fireplace has one setting and cannot be manually adjusted. With a gas fireplace, you can adjust the temperature by raising or lowering the flame.

  1. No Storage Space Needed

Storing wood has many disadvantages. It is a breeding ground for pests and is typically stored outside which means you’ll have to go out in the cold to fetch the wood and try to keep it dry. Gas fireplaces are much more convenient and require no additional storage space.

  1. More Affordable

Keeping your wood pile stocked is more expensive than you might think. A gas fireplace is a much more cost-effective way of keeping your home warm.

Keep your home comfortable this winter by installing a gas fireplace. Action Gas are reputable and affordable gas fireplace installers Johannesburg. Give them a call today!

Why You Should NEVER Use Gas Stoves Or Oven As Heaters

Gas stoves and ovens are not designed to heat your home. They should only be used for cooking purposes. Using it for heating is not only dangerous but it can be fatal.

To safely use a gas stove or oven, it needs a vent or continuous ventilation. If you turn on your oven while the oven door is open, you will allow for toxic gas emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO).

Carbon monoxide is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It rises since it’s less dense than air. This gas can be toxic, even lethal if you’re exposed to large amounts.

Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness

If you experience any of these symptoms while using gas appliances, stop immediately and locate to an area where you can get some fresh air and/or seek medical attention.

The risk of using your gas stove or oven doesn’t stop there. It is also a fire hazard. A fire can easily be started when a napkin or towel fall onto a burner or into the oven.

Additionally, if you have young children or pets in your home, accidental contact with a hot element could put them at risk for serious burns.

The truth is that ovens aren’t really that effective for heating your home anyway. It is best to stay with safe options such as a gas fireplace or gas heaters. It is also vital to do regular maintenance on any gas appliance in your home to reduce the risk of malfunction.

When you use indoor gas appliances according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you won’t put yourself or your family at risk.

Get more information on how to safely use gas appliances from Action Gas, professional gas installers Johannesburg. Or give them a call for a free quote today.

5 Reasons To Choose Gas Instead Of Wood For Your Fireplace

Winter is here and we can finally snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book with the fire burning in the background.

While an actual wood fire is great for outdoor purposes, it can affect the indoor air quality, not even mentioning the cleaning you’ll have to do afterwards. Here’s why you should have a gas fireplace instead.

  1. It looks good

Gas fireplaces come in various designs and finishes. Not only is it more practical but it’s more pleasing to the eye than a wood fireplace.

  1. It’s faster

Not only does it eliminate the time to get a fire started – you just push the on/off button and you’re set – it heats your home even quicker. You’ll appreciate this on a cold morning or when you come home from work tired and cold.

  1. No cleanup necessary

As appealing as wood fire might sound when you’re done you have to clean up the ashes. Gas fireplaces require no clean up except for the usual dusting now and then.

  1. You don’t have to store and prepare wood

Storing firewood comes with its own set of challenges. You have to keep it dry and far away from your home since spiders and termites love to use it as a breeding ground. As for preparing wood, it is hard work. And even if you don’t have to cut it yourself, fetching wood outside when it’s raining is no fun at all.

  1. Better indoor air quality

A gas fireplace has no indoor emissions. The combustion gas is taken outside through vents. Contrary to smokey fireplaces of course.

If you’re in the market for a gas fireplace, make sure you use reputable gas installers Johannesburg. Get in touch with Action Gas today for a free quotation.

Benefits Of Switching From Electricity To Gas

Many South Africans are exchanging their old electric stoves for gas stoves. For some, it might be because it’s the trend right now but for others, it’s to become more energy efficient. Whatever your reason, have a look at the benefits below so you too can make an informed decision.

  1. Eco-friendly

Using gas instead of electricity is much better for the environment due to the fact that it releases approximately 59%  less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

  1. Safe

An electric stove burner takes time to heat up and time to cool down while gas stoves cool down instantly. If you have small children in the house, this safety benefit will save you lots of tears.

  1. Affordable

While you might have to invest money to convert from electricity to gas, the price of gas is much less than that of electricity. And it doesn’t increase at such a rapid rate which means you’ll save even more money.

  1. Foodies will love it

If you love cooking, you’ll love cooking with gas. You have the ability to control temperature with precision, thus master any recipe. You’ll also gain the ability to experiment with recipes that require open flame cooking.

  1. Reliable source of energy

Two words – LOAD SHEDDING. It has become common in South Africa to have unexpected power cuts and usually it is at the worst times. By using a gas stove, you’ll never have to settle for takeaways again. You’ll be able to cook your family a healthy meal, regardless.

Why you should use Action Gas as your gas installers Johannesburg

At ActionGas we have many years experience in the gas industry. We are based in the West Rand and can provide our services to anyone in the Gauteng area. Not only are we credible – accredited with the LP Gas Association of South Africa – we are affordable too.

To reap the benefits of gas or more information, get in touch with one of the experts at ActionGas today!

Gas installation and maintenance Johannesburg

Upgrade your home to an aesthetically pleasing and highly cost effective environment with the help of Action Gas in Johannesburg today!

By choosing this company for your gas installation and maintenance requirements, you are ensured to receive highly professional services as they are accredited with the LP Gas Association of South Africa and their mission statement is getting it right the first time, every time!

Needless to say the byproduct of Action Gas’ efficient gas installation methods results in more money in your pocket and more time to spend on things that really matter.

One of the many services rendered includes the installation of gas hobs.

Other than providing an instantly sleek and modern look to your kitchen, the open design allows you to perform at a professional level as it allows you to use larger specialist pans for impeccable results.

Another advantage of gas hob installations include the instant and constant flame that is guaranteed to cook food more evenly and quickly as the flames are spread evenly along the sides and bottom of the utensils.

Not to mention the considerably lower cost of operating a gas hob instead of electric.

Can you feel your wallet getting heavier? Good! Now let’s increase that even more by exploring the gas geyser installations done by Action Gas Johannesburg.

Firstly, why gas?

Gas water heating is GREEN.

This method of heating is about 94% efficient. In other words almost all of the energy goes exclusively into heating the water. This results in less carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere to heat your water.

By simply making this change from electric to gas, you will instantly be reducing your personal hot water carbon footprint by as much as 59%!

Gas water heating is also highly efficient as it is designed to only “heat on demand”, meaning absolutely no water will be heated unnecessarily.  On top of that, there is no storage of hot water, saving you space.  Water is heated directly as it passes through the pipe. This also implies that you will never run out of hot water as long as you have water and gas, which, considering the current  unreliable electricity supply and upcoming winter season in Johannesburg, should be enough reason to switch.

Be good to yourself.

Be good to the environment.

Let Action Gas make that happen.

Contact this passionate team NOW for expert advice and a free quote!

Best Gas Installers Johannesburg

Looking for the best gas installation and maintenance company in Johannesburg? You found it!

Action Gas is legit. Accredited with the LP Association of South Africa, their quality performance is guaranteed and they are set on saving you time and money by getting the job done perfectly the first time.

Switching to gas will instantly increase your ‘environmentally green’ status as well as your monthly savings. Not only that, but in most cases, gas is also the more stylish option in any home.

That said, let’s consider the advantages of a few of the various domestic gas installations provided by Action Gas in Johannesburg: The gas hob fits flush on any surface to create a clean, minimalistic, modern

Gas stoves are energy efficient, able to function without power, provides precise temperature control and has a much lower operating costs than conventional stoves.

Gas water heaters are installed with ease. They are more cost effective than electric (estimated at about 1/3 of the cost) and gas water heaters recover much quicker than electric heaters, saving you huge amounts of time on a daily basis.

Gas fireplaces are quickly becoming a must for homeowners who don't have time or energy to chop wood and remove ash. Customers much prefer the convenience of pressing a button to enjoy the instant warmth and ambience. Not to mention the plethora of installation options to create the perfect look.

Action Gas regularly install the following brands, but customers options are not limited to this list, as they are able to install any appliance registered at the LP gas association:

SMEG Gas Appliances, DEFY SMEG Gas Appliances, Kelvinator SMEG Gas
Appliances,  Delongi SMEG Gas Appliances, Delta CT Range SMEG Gas
Appliances, Zero SMEG Gas Appliances, Alva SMEG Gas Appliances, Bosch
SMEG Gas Appliances, Elba SMEG Gas Appliances, Jetmaster SMEG Gas
Appliances, Family fires, Whirlpool SMEG Gas Appliances and Siemens SMEG
Gas Appliances.

This team of specialists are determined and equipped to meet all your gas installation and maintenance needs with minimal disruptions and maximum satisfaction. Contact Louis today for your free quote.

Gas Hob Installation Johannesburg

Action Gas offers professional and affordable gas hob installation and maintenance services in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. Based in the West Rand we have quick access to all areas throughout Johannesburg for all your gas appliance needs.

With years of experience and priding ourselves in doing gas hob installations right the first time, we can confidently say that we are one of the best gas installers in the industry saving you money and time! Getting a gas hob installed in your home is cost effective and is more affordable than electricity. Don’t let load shedding or another power outage spoil your day with your electric oven or hob – gas hobs are more reliable and not dependent on Eskom!

Gas hobs are environmentally friendly as they are highly efficient from energy. Think about the future and our beautiful planet and convert to gas appliances today!

What is the difference between a gas stove and gas hob?

A gas stove is a free-standing unit with gas burners (usually four) and a gas oven. A gas hob could either be just the gas burners on top of a fitted stove unit or a fitted gas burner unit which normally contains four or six gas burners. A gas hob is installed on a surface such as a counter or granite table top and is not mobile. A gas stove is not fitted or fixed and can easily be replaced.

The gas hob refers to only the burners on top of a stove where a gas stove refers to either the burners on top or the oven or both.


Gas Installers Gauteng

Action Gas are registered LP Gas Installers in Gauteng primarily focusing on gas installations in Johannesburg, Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, West Rand, East Rand and Sandton. Our professional team of gas installers can confidently assist with all your gas related needs and requirements at an affordable price.

With all the regular electricity price hikes taking place in South Africa makes it impossible to keep up with all our monthly bills and expenses. Don’t let your electricity bill affect your budget and quality of life. Convert to gas and start saving today! Action gas offers gas stove installations, gas hob installations, gas geyser installations and gas heater installations. Not only do we offer gas installations but we also offer a high level of gas appliance maintenance through out Gauteng, focusing on the West Rand. Contact us today for a quote and start saving money from day one!

Our motto is doing things right the first time! Saving you time and money! We offer our gas installations to individual home owners, complexes, shopping centers, schools and business office parks. No job too big or too small! Get in touch with ActionGas for all your domestic gas appliance needs.

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