Heating Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive. (Here’s How)

It’s winter in South Africa, in other words, get ready to freeze your hands off. Magazines make it look cosy with a fire burning in the background but the reality is much different. Nobody tells you about the smoke inside your home or the tons of firewood you have to buy to keep that fire going.

If you pass on the fire and opt for an electric heater, don’t be surprised if your electricity bill triples. You know the drill, the more electricity you use, the more you pay – makes perfect sense…

But heating your home doesn’t have to set you back for life, seriously! There’s a way to beat the cold this winter without going into debt or depleting your savings. It’s easy. Invest in a gas fireplace.

Install an Energy Efficient Gas Fireplace to Beat the Cold This Winter

What’s so great about gas fireplaces? Aside from the fact that you won’t have to keep buying wood to fuel your fire, you’ll also avoid the smoke inhalation that accompanies a traditional fireplace. But those are just two benefits and there are many more where those come from.

Instant heat at the push of a button is what you can expect from a gas fireplace. It’s easy and safe to use and you don’t have to worry about sparks flying and setting yourself on fire. Gas fireplaces are better for the environment since they don’t emit any fumes or particles into your home.

Gas fireplaces offer a more luxurious look and feel and will make you the envy of your friends and family. And while it seems luxurious, it actually cost less to install than a conventional fireplace since you don’t require a chimney.

At ActionGas, all our gas appliances are SABS approved and we adhere to regulations by authorities. Enjoy winter more by getting in touch with Action Gas Installers Johannesburg for your gas appliance installation today!

4 Reasons Why Switching to Gas Makes Total Sense

South Africa has had its fair share of electricity issues in the last few years and who knows if it’s going to get better any time soon? But, you don’t have to wait and see, you have the power in your own hands (literally). Switching to gas will enable you to run your household the way you want without being reliant on unpredictable sources.

There are many good reasons to switch from electricity to gas but here are our top 4:

#1 Better for the Environment

If you aren’t trying to decrease your environmental footprint yet, you should and quickly too! Conventional electricity relies on coal burning, which releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. We don’t need to tell you that that’s a bad thing because you probably already know. If you want to do your part for preserving the environment, switching to gas is an easy fix.

#2 More Affordable than Conventional Electricity

Not only is gas much better for the environment, but it’s also cheaper! And who doesn’t want to save money while conserving our beautiful planet? While switching to gas might require an investment on your part in the beginning, the savings are so extravagant in the long run that you’ll be asking yourself why you waited so long!

#3 Reliable Source of Energy

As we’ve mentioned before, our electricity service providers are not extremely reliable. Winter is coming and who knows what will happen. With a gas geyser, you’ll never have to take a cold shower. A gas stove will mean healthy meals for your family on time. A gas fireplace will keep your home cosy and warm even if the lights are out.

#4 You’ll Be the Envy of All Your Friends

Gas appliances hold a certain elegant and luxurious image. Famous chefs and foodies all use gas stovetops since it allows for precision when it comes to cooking outlandish dishes. Plus, while all your friends will feel the wrath of load shedding, you’ll go on with life as normal.

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Here’s How You Can Beat Load Shedding by Switching to Gas

South Africans have been dealing with load shedding since 2007. These power cuts happen in times when the integrity of the grid is threatened by short supply. So in order to conserve power and reduce the load on the grid regular power cuts have become a big part of our lives.

We won’t go into why there’s such immense pressure on the grid but the fact of the matter is that it’s time for South Africans to find an alternative source of energy.

Long Term Solutions to Load Shedding

Currently, there are just two solutions to overcoming these inconvenient power cuts: Gas and Solar. Solar requires a large investment upfront making it extremely difficult for middle class and lower class citizens to attain. Which leaves us with gas!

Gas is a popular choice for many people due to its ease of use, reliability and affordability. Many world-class chefs only use gas to cook with since it allows for precise accuracy when it comes to heat settings. But gas isn’t limited to stovetops and ovens. There are many gas appliances available like water heaters and fireplaces. You can run your entire home on gas and never be dependent on traditional electricity ever again!

Gas is also much safer for the environment than coal powered electricity. Gas decreases air and water pollution and shields the earth from greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

Beat Load Shedding by Switching to Gas Today

The benefits of gas are neverending! It’s eco-friendly, affordable, reliable and readily available for all South Africans. And you don’t have to make an insanely large investment, to begin with.

The team at ActionGas has been helping South Africans switch to gas for many years. We offer the installation and maintenance of gas appliances as well as a Certificate of Compliance. Servicing the whole of Gauteng, we take great pride in doing installations right the first time – saving you time and money! Beat load shedding and switch to gas!

For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the friendly team at Action Gas today!

Effects of Load Shedding on Your Electrical Appliances

Load shedding is back in full force and South Africans aren’t happy about it, for good reason. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also isn’t great for your household appliances. The bottom line is that power cuts are costing us money.

Load Shedding and Its Impact on Appliances

Cutting the power doesn’t cause damage, but the problem comes when the power is put back on, which leads to a power surge.

Whenever there’s a sudden change in voltage, it could negatively impact your household appliances. Copper tracks will overheat and melt if electrical currents are too high, preventing electrical energy from accessing the appliance.

Gas Is a Gamechanger When It Comes to Load Shedding

So what is a person to do, since it’s evident that load shedding will keep coming back as long as Eskom stays in charge of our energy source?

The best option is to find alternative solutions for day to day functions. Cooking, for example, can easily be achieved with a gas stove and hob while heating is effortless during winter with a gas fireplace. One thing we can’t do without is hot water but luckily there’s a gas alternative available for that too. Action Gas Installers in Johannesburg are reliable and offer gas appliance installations at affordable rates.

How to Preserve Other Electrical Devices

More often than not, there’s a load shedding schedule that will give you an idea when the next power cut in your area will be. Here are some things you can do to protect your other electrical devices:

Unplug your computer completely by removing power cables from the sockets. The same goes for telephone cables from your wifi modem.

To minimise damage to appliances, consider installing a surge protection device.

Have a backup battery for your electric fence, gate or garage to ensure continual function during power cuts.

Don’t let load shedding get you down! Take back control over your home by switching to gas. For more information or to book a free consultation with Action Gas, get in touch with the team today!

Installing These Gas Appliances Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Gas appliances are an excellent investment. Not only do they look amazing, they are more reliable giving that we South Africans have to deal with frequent power outages.

Gas appliances aren’t only limited to gas stoves and hobs, there are many other appliances you can install in your home to make your life easier. Below are just some of the many options to choose from:

Water Heaters

Gas water heaters (geysers) are perfect for families of any size. It’s energy efficient and will ensure that you’ll always have hot water available. Why not trade in your ancient water heater for an updated, more reliable hot water source – it will make your home a much more attractive option should you decide to sell it.

Fire Place

Everybody knows that wood fireplaces are great but hard work. Additionally, if your chimney is blocked you’ll be stuck with smoke in your home that will take much effort to eradicate leaving you with a smoky aroma for weeks on end. Instead, stay warm with an effortless gas fireplace this winter and make sure your home is much more inviting to future buyers.

Kitchen Appliances

Gas stoves are the prefered method of cooking for many professional chefs. This is because you can easily manage the heat and are much more energy efficient than electric stoves. A gas stove will surely catch the eyes of potential buyers and make your home a top contender.

Outdoor Built-In Braai

Add an outdoor built-in natural gas grill, is an extremely appealing option for potential buyers since entertainment is high on the priority list for many South Africans. Adding an outdoor braai will make your house a very popular option for future buyers.

If you’re in the market for gas appliances for your home, make sure you use the services of professional gas installers in Johannesburg. ActionGas offers the installation and maintenance of various gas appliances at very competitive rates. For more information or a free quotation, speak to the team today!

Cook like a Professional by Switching from Electric to Gas

It’s no secret, top chefs around the world prefer to cook on gas stove tops. And while you might not be a professional chef it doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one.

If you are a foodie and you want to improve your cooking skills, switching to gas will up your cooking game drastically. There are so many benefits that gas stoves have over electric ones. Not only do they heat up quicker and operate better with various cookware, but they are much easier to clean and keep in good condition. Here are some reasons why chefs would choose gas over electric any day:

Faster Response Rate

The most notable advantage gas stove tops have over electric is their response speed. The moment they are ignited, they become warm, unlike electrical burners that need time to warm up. They also tend to cool down quicker which means you can go from boil to simmer in seconds. When cooking delicate dishes, this type of control is crucial.

Various Cookware Use

Over time, pots and pans tend to become warped. When cooking on electric, the heat won’t spread evenly causing food not to cook evenly. On a gas stove top, this isn’t a problem. Gas stove tops are ideal for any types of cookware.

Easy to Clean

No doubt, you’re familiar with cleaning (or scrubbing) off burnt food from your electric stovetop while trying your best not to scratch the surface. Gas stovetops are much easier to clean. All you have to do is remove the steel grate, wipe away stray food and remove food spills with a multipurpose cleaning spray.

Economical Maintenance and Repairs

Gas stoves are more straightforward when it comes to maintenance and troubleshooting. Especially if you use Action Gas Installers Johannesburg. We take great pride in offering affordable and reliable gas installations and maintenance to all of our clients.

If you desire the ease professional chefs enjoy when cooking with gas, consider making the switch. Get in touch with the team at Action Gas for a free quote.

Here’s How You Can Avoid Unhealthy Takeaway Dinners During Load Shedding

Load shedding – the one term all South Africans hate to hear. These lovely little power cuts seem to happen at the most inappropriate times and more often than not, it means you have to settle for unhealthy takeaways for dinner. Families with babies have an extra difficult time preparing bottles for hungry babies and tired parents have to go without that much-needed cup of coffee. But, there is a way to beat the load shedding blues – switch to gas.

When you switch to a gas stove, you’ll not only be able to cook healthy food even if the power is down, you’ll also be able to save money on your monthly electricity bill. Gas is much more affordable and reliable than the service offered by our only electricity provider.

What’s even better is that gas is much kinder to the environment than the coal used to generate traditional electricity. If you care about the environment as we do, this will seal the deal for you. It is our duty to reduce our carbon footprint to preserve our beautiful planet.

Gas stoves are classy too! Most professional cooks use gas since heat is more easily regulated. So if you’re a foodie, there’s no doubt that you and your gas stove will become instant BFF’s.

Not sure which gas installer to use for your switch? Look no further – Action Gas is a registered LP Gas installer and perfect for the project.

At Action Gas we take great pride in being affordable and reliable making us the prefered gas installers in Johannesburg. We can assist with COC certifications and the installation of various gas appliances such as gas stoves, ovens, geysers and fireplaces. We also offer general gas maintenance to our long list of satisfied customers.

For more information or if you require a free quote, get in touch with the team at Action Gas today!

How to Make Your Gas Stove Look Like New

It’s no secret that gas stoves and hobs are preferred over conventional electric appliances by chefs and foodies alike. But, let’s face it, cleaning up after cooking is never fun. It is, however, extremely important to ensure your stove top is clean since grease poses a safety hazard. Also, if you want to keep enjoying your gas stove and oven, and keep it in good condition, we recommend a good clean on a regular basis. Whether you’re considering investing in a gas stove or already have one, these maintenance tips will help you make the most of your gas appliance.

How to Clean a Gas Stovetop

As we’ve mentioned before, grime and leftover cooking debris aren’t only unsightly and unhygienic, they also pose a fire hazard. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves, put in a little elbow grease and we promise, your gas stove will look as good as the day it was installed. Also, don’t forget to clean the back panels and knobs. Make sure to clean stove drip pans by soaking or boiling them.

There are three ingredients typically used to clean stovetops – vinegar, baking soda and ammonia.


If you want to limit the use of chemicals, vinegar will easily get rid of light grease stains and is perfect for day to day maintenance.

Baking Soda:

For more stubborn grease stains, use baking soda on your stove top. It’s an affordable and eco-friendly solution, just like vinegar.


If you can’t get rid of grease stains using the ingredients mentioned above, you might want to bring in the big guns – ammonia. Ammonia is extremely effective in getting rid of baked-in grease and grime on burner grates.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your gas stove top stays beautiful and in working condition for many years. For more information on gas stove maintenance or if you need assistance with gas installations in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, get in touch with Action Gas today!

The Best Advice You Can Hear About Installing Gas Appliances

There are many benefits to using gas appliances instead of electric appliances. Reliability is probably the biggest advantage since you won’t have to depend on unreliable sources to cook your food or keep your water warm and comfortable.

Another big benefit is affordability. Most people can’t keep up with all the rate increases pushed through by our supplier which means you’ll either have to find ways to use less electricity or find other ways to power your appliances.

Gas has become more popular in recent years in South Africa. Contrary to popular belief, gas is safe to use. That is if you use it properly and have your appliances installed by professional gas installers. Regular maintenance is also recommended to keep your appliances in top condition and to avoid any accidents due to negligence.

As mentioned before, it’s crucial to use professional, accredited gas installers for your installation and maintenance. You wouldn’t want to risk the safety of yourself and your family to save a few rands!

Use Action Gas for Your Gas Installations in Johannesburg

Action Gas Installers Johannesburg is a reliable, affordable, professional and accredited installer with the necessary experience to offer you the best money can buy. We are also registered LP gas installers and can assist with COC certification when selling your home.

Whether it’s a gas stove, gas geyser or gas fireplace you’re after, we’ve got you covered. As for maintenance, we take great pride in our after sales service and keep your unit in an excellent condition so you can enjoy it for longer! If your unit is broken, we can repair it unless of course, it needs replacing.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy gas installer in Johannesburg, you’re at the right place. Our friendly team is ready to assist you. For a free quote, give us a call today!

Gas Fireplace Installers Johannesburg

3 Reasons Why Your Gas Fireplace Needs to Be Serviced Annually

Summer is around the corner which means you won’t be using your gas fireplace as often as you did in winter. It also means that now would be a great time to do your annual maintenance.

Many people find it obvious that a wood-burning fireplace would need regular maintenance and cleaning. So why if your gas fireplace burns nice and neat would you need annual maintenance? While gas fireplaces are extremely convenient, clean and have a lower day to day maintenance, there are various potential issues that might occur. And if not resolved quickly, could become dangerous.

#1 Debris Buildup

Debris can develop from anything like deteriorated ceramic logs, cracked chimney crown or poor mortar joints. It can clog your vents and should be cleaned regularly.

#2 Ventilation

While a gas fireplace doesn’t deposit soot in your chimney, you still have to inspect the structure annually for other obstructions. If a bird gets into your chimney and happens to build a nest, it will block your ventilation. This will cause your chimney to deteriorate and stop functioning properly. It’s crucial for your chimney to work properly to prevent toxic fumes from entering your home.

#3 Functionality

If there’s one thing you never want to take chances with is that the equipment in your gas fireplace is operating optimally. Valves and connections develop leaks over time and could cause sudden fires or explosions if these leaks or malfunctions are taken care of.

There’s no need to be wary of gas as long as you service and maintain your gas appliance on a regular basis and use certified gas installers for the job. Action Gas is a gas installer in Johannesburg with the necessary expertise and extremely competitive rates. Don’t risk the safety of your family by not using professionals and not maintaining your unit. Give us a call today!